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    Eat, Drink, and Be Merry
    On your Vienna bucket list, you’ve probably got a must-eat section that includes endless amounts of Wiener schnitzel and pastries. But there’s so much more to feast on than meets the eye. We’ve rounded up the best food and drink experiences in Austria’s capital city, from wine tasting to apfelstrudel.

    Courtesy of Bitzinger Würstelstand
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    Grape Escape
    Vienna is home to over 1,700 acres of vineyards, making it the largest wine-producing city in the world. As a result, taking a break from museums and people-watching for an afternoon of winetasting means you don’t have to leave the city limits. Viennese vineyards grow familiar grapes like riesling and sauvignon blanc, plus regional varietals like zweigelt and weissburgunder. Go in early October for Weinwandertag and choose from three different organized routes through vineyards and private estates during the peak of Vienna’s crisp fall weather.

    Photo by Andrew Nash/Flickr
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    Old School Vienna
    Café Central has been serving classic Austrian food to Vienna’s creative greats since 1876, but during World War II, the restaurant was forced to close its doors and remained shuttered for 40 years before renovating the space and reopening in the 1980s. Grab a banquet seat under the high gothic ceilings and transport yourself back to simpler times over a bowl of tafelspitz, Viennese braised beef with horseradish and potatoes.  

    Photo by currystrumpet/Flickr
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    A Gem of a Cocktail Bar
    Kleinod translates to “gem” in German and the illuminated countertops and glass chandeliers at this cocktail bar shine brightly, like diamonds, you might say. The bar is owned by a group of local-favorite bartenders who serve an exceptional Earl Grey gin fizz. Enjoy while listening to their soundtrack of Motown jams.

    Courtesy of Kleinod
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    Sausage Stands at Every Corner
    The perfect antidote to an afternoon of drinking is a frankfurter. Vienna claims to be the birthplace of the encased meat, which makes the city a mecca for wiener. Bitzinger Würstelstand offers some of the best of the city’s wurst. Enjoy your frankfurter with a fair share of carbs by nestling it in a crunchy piece of french bread or beside a slice of Viennese white bread, and be sure to add some pomme frites to your order for good measure.

    Courtesy of Bitzinger Würstelstand
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    The Pastry of the Austrian Gods
    There’s an old Austrian adage: “An apfelstrudel a day keeps the doctor away.” OK, we made that up. But in a perfect world, we’d enjoy the classic flaky pastry filled with apples and rum-soaked raisins every morning—specifically, we’d eat the downright perfect one from Café Landtmann.

    Photo by Rosemary L./Yelp
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    How the Locals Eat
    Naschmarkt has been the place for locals to grab fresh and prepared foods since the 16th century. The market is over a half-mile long and has more than 100 stalls of ready-to-eat sausages, fresh fruit, and stuffed, pickled peppers (to name a few).

    Photo by Paul Asman and Jill Lenoble/Flickr
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Unforgettable Drinks and Dishes in Vienna

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