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    Top Travel Instagrams Last Week
    Last week, we landed in San Francisco, Baku, and Hvar Island, to name just a few places. AFAR’s Art Director @jseldon11, took us to Marfa, Texas, where he beat the heat with some ice-cold bottles of Topo Chico and a whole lot of sightseeing (you can check out more of his photos from Marfa here).

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    10. Fresh Eats
    Lake Naivasha, Kenya 

    The exterior of this little grocery shop is as fresh as the juice it sells.

    Photo by @chrsschlkx
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    9. Team AFAR Spotlight
    Marfa, Texas

    AFAR Art Director @jseldon11 braved the heat and traveled to Marfa, Texas, where he discovered that the town is an “Instagrammer’s dream and every street welcomes you with a surprise. I found this tiny art gallery as I was walking to the nearby Hotel Saint George for an afternoon beer.”

    Photo by @jseldon11 
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    8. A glimpse of the past
    Pompeii, Italy

    Walk through this archway and you’ll be standing amid the not-so-ruinous ruins of Pompeii. Though it was at the hands of a volcanic eruption, this famous site gives us a glimpse of what life would have been like almost 2,000 years ago.

    Photo by @volkanuysal
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    7. San Fran love
    San Francisco, California

    AFAR Assistant Editor @goneofftrack reminded us of one
    of the many reasons we love the City by the Bay: this view. 

    Photo by @goneofftrack
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    6. Fields of purple
    Hvar Island, Dalmatian Coast

    was lucky to be in Hvar in July, also known as the island’s lavender season. We can only imagine how incredible it smelled.

    Photo by @farfromharbor
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    5. Volunteering with giants
    Elephant Nature Park, Thailand

    No elephant riding here. At Elephant Nature Park in Thailand’s Chiang Mai Province, visitors feed and bathe these orphaned, injured, or rescued giants. 

    Photo by @kiraasoleil
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    4. Lavender dreams
    Provence, France

    We can’t get enough of this lavender. Is it just us, or would running through that field be a dream come true?

    Photo by @kylelegg
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    3. Wandering the Old City
    Baku, Azerbaijan

    Azerbaijian’s capital city, Baku, might have a growing skyline of modern buildings and glass towers—but tucked into the historic Old City are quiet reminders of the past.

    Photo by @anneparavion
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    2. Thinking of Istanbul
    Istanbul, Turkey

    After the June 28th attack at Istanbul’s airport, this beautiful city is in our thoughts. 

    Photo by @dustinaksland
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    1. Catching rays in Italy
    Monterosso, Cinque Terre

    The umbrellas that decorate Monterosso’s beach are almost as iconic as the blue sea behind them.

    Photo by @kelsmuir
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The Top 10 Travel Instagrams Last Week

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