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    The Top Instagrams from Last Week

    Last week, #traveldeeper took us on a round-the-world adventure, from spotting furry friends in Moroccan deserts to braving winding roads on Italian islands.

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    Photo by @alex_cretey_systermans

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    Road to Paradise
    Capri, Italy

    To get to those sparkling blue waters, we’d brave that winding road.

    Photo by @michellewhipple
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    Lunchtime in Bali
    Uluwatu, Bali

    Could this lunch be any more beautiful? This Ululwatu spot is famed for dishing out modern-yet-authentic Balinese fare.

    Photo by @garyhor
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    Behind the Scenes

    Maasai Mara, Kenya

    The week, we went behind the scenes of our July/August cover story with outtakes from photographer @alex_cretey_systermans: “Meet John, a young, very funny, Maasai guy who lives near Angama. John was here every day to help us out—and to keep us laughing. While I was loading my camera to take his portrait, John stepped in front of my other camera to strike his best impression of me.”

    Photo by @alex_cretey_systermans

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    Road Trip Ready


    AFAR ambassador @alice_gao dreams of the day she can cruise through the Italian Riviera in this little guy. It doesn’t get much more European than that!

    Photo by @alice_gao

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    Local Legend


    According to local legend, a “friendly sea monster” roams the waters around Cape Greco, but as far as we can tell, there are no sea monsters here—just the gorgeous Mediterranean.

    Photo by @chigarevaelena

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    Iceland Lagoon

    Blue Lagoon, Iceland

    The Blue Lagoon is quickly becoming one of Iceland’s most iconic places and we can see why. 

    Photo by @kitchentablestories

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    Relaxing Wildlife

    Maasai Mara, Kenya

    “One of the most impressive things about the Mara is the variety of species that call it home. In one frame, I could capture four or five difference species. Take this pic, for example: There are a couple of Thomson’s gazelles and a zebra, all peacefully hanging out.”

    Photo by @alex_cretey_systermans

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    Foggy Days
    San Francisco, California

    Welcome to San Francisco in the summertime. Prepare yourself for fog, and lots of it! Taken by our unsurprised marketing manager @maciwachtel.

    Photo by @maciwachtel
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    Sorry, What?

    Looks like camels can get the Monday feels, too.

    Photo by @the.wanderlustfactory
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    Peeking at Petra
    Petra, Jordan

    After walking a mile through the Siq—the narrow slot canyon that leads to Petra—@calijam spotted the stunning facade of the Treasury. It’s over 2,000 years old and is widely considered the ancient city’s most elaborate structure.

    Photo by @calijam
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The Top 10 Travel Instagrams from Last Week