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    The Top 10 Travel Instagrams
    By last Wednesday, the #traveldeeper community had made stops in Italy, France, Thailand, Bermuda, and Namibia. Thankfully for us, everyone paused to share a few pics with those back home—we saw roses in Bangkok, orange sea sponges in Corfu, and colorful buildings in Curaçao.

    Take a scroll through the slideshow to see the travel photos that made the top 10, and then head over to @afarmedia to check out the rest of our feed! Tag your photos #traveldeeper for a chance to be featured next week. 

    Photo by @vincentdemers

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    This is a common scene in Kolmanskop, a once-thriving diamond mine–settlement in southern Namibia. The human population thinned as the diamonds began to disappear—by 1954, the town was completely empty.

    Plan your trip: Namibia

    Photo by @thecommonwanderer
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    Botany Bay
    In most parts of the world, it’s rare to see a tree that seems to grow straight from the sand—but not in Botany Bay. At these protected marshlands in South Carolina, there is a lot to do, although the most picturesque activity might be to walk along beach’s surrealist landscape.

    Plan your trip: South Carolina

    Photo by @dianarush
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    Phnom Penh
    It was a perfect day for a stroll in Phnom Penh.

    Plan your trip: Cambodia

    Photo by @technicolorteapot
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    We spotted sponges, and a lot of orange, in Corfu.

    Plan your trip: Greece

    Photo by @traveleraddicts
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    Château de Chenonceau
    Now that’s what we call a château! France’s famous Château de Chenonceau spans the River Cher in the Loire Valley

    Plan your trip: The Loire Valley

    Photo by @karinainthecity
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    With its flower markets, wheels of pecorino, and rows of porticos, Bologna is sensory paradise.

    Plan your trip: Bologna

    Photo by @nodestinations
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    We’ve been gearing up for our next AFAR Experience in Bermuda by sharing some of our favorite dreamy beach photos from the island. It’s going to be two full days of enriching travel, from exploring the island’s art and architecture to eating local treats on those iconic pink beaches. Why don’t you come along? 

    Register: AFAR Experience in Bermuda

    Photo by AFAR guides editor@sophotogenick
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    Roses on roses on roses! We just love the markets in Bangkok.

    Plan your trip: Bangkok

    Photo by @meanwhileabroad
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    Campo de’ Fiori
    There are patterns and plates aplenty in Rome’s Campo de’ Fiori. Which would you choose?

    Plan your trip: Rome

    Photo by @almostlanding
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    Can you believe these are real buildings? As @vincentdemers makes his way through Curaçao, we’re busy planning our own trip to the beautiful island.

    Plan your trip: Curaçao

    Photo by @vincentdemers
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The 10 Best Travel Instagrams Last Week

Porticos in Bologna, roses in Bangkok, and one heck of a château in France