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    The Top 10 Travel Instagrams Last Week

    This week on Instagram, we went on a virtual tour of some of the world’s most tempting bodies of water. From yacht harbors in France to floating spas in Sweden, we were more than ready to dive in. Be sure to click through to see which photo took home the most love (trust us, it’s pretty cute).

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    Photo by @kristi.bakken

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    Paddling Paradise
    Just 30 miles west of downtown Los Angeles and a few paddles off the shore, there’s a surfers’ paradise. 

    Plan your trip: Los Angeles

    Photo by @wearemay
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    A New View
    Our featured instagrammer of the week, @insearchofperfect described her hunt for a less-familiar view of New York City: “I turned to the Manhattan Bridge in Chinatown for inspiration. The suspension bridge connects lower Manhattan with downtown Brooklyn and offers more intimate views of the streets below. As the produce shops and seafood stalls went on with their daily business, I stopped by a literal hole in the wall—or fence—and took it all in.”

    Plan your trip: New York City

    Photo by @insearchofperfect
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    Swedish luxury
    A floating sauna, you say? We’re afraid our senior editor @therichdale is never leaving Sweden.

    Plan your trip: Sweden 

    Photo by @therichdale
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    Curacao in color
    Welcome to the “SoHo” of Curaçao. Charming cafés and restaurants, boutique hotels, and beautifully restored houses like this one in the Pietermaai District.

    Plan your trip: Curaçao

    Photo by @vincentdemers
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    A Picnic in Crete
    Narrow alleyways, bakeries, and a gorgeous marina—Old Port sounds like the perfect place for a picnic.

    Plan your trip: Greece

    Photo by @marygrace83p
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    Feasting in Fez
    Our featured instagrammer of the week, @insearchofperfect described her breakfast in Fez as a meal filled with “simple pleasures: a delicate Rif mountain honey spread on a fluffy piece of melloui bread and accompanied by a refreshing cup of mint tea. The lingering pace of Moroccan breakfasts set within the intricate interior of the lovely Riad Baba continues to beckon me back to this delightful place.”

    Plan your trip: Morocco

    Photo by @insearchofperfect
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    Yacht Watch

    There’s so much to do on the history-rich island of Corsica. Besides exploring centuries-old fortresses and swimming through sea caves, yacht-watching in Bonifacio’s sparkling harbor makes for a dreamy golden hour activity.

    Plan your trip: Corsica

    Photo by @kristi.bakken

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    Colorful Copenhagen

    We’re big fans of Copenhagen’s cool and classic architecture.

    Plan your trip: Copenhagen

    Photo by @artfuldesperado

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    A reader’s paradise
    Hello, dream bookstore. Mind if we sit and stay for a while?  

    Plan your trip: Portugal

    Photo by@hobopeeba
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    Flamingo Beach

    As @anordinaryweekend discovered on a recent getaway, this quiet beach in Aruba is very aptly named.

    Plan your trip: Aruba

    Photo by @anordinaryweekend 

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    Photo by Michelle Theodore

Last Week’s Top 10 Travel Instagrams

From Corsica to Malibu, this week’s journey was filled with sparkling waters