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    The Top Travel Instagrams
    Last week #traveldeeper took us around the world. With layovers in Russia, Sweden, India, and Ireland, to name a few, we spotted wild horses, charming cafes, and hidden soccer fields. 

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    Photo by @sezgiolgac 
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    Cameo Island
    Cameo Island, a small island with sandy beaches and blue waters in Greece, is the stuff dreams are made of.

    Plan your trip: The Greek Isles

    Photo by @travellust_nl
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    Who would have guessed that this little oasis is tucked in the middle of New York City's SoHo neighborhood?

    Plan your trip: New York City

    Photo by AFAR assistant editor @nicolettanne
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    This photo is proof that sometimes you've got to get above it all to see the full picture.

    Plan your trip: Moscow

    Photo by @varyetegram
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    Swiss Alps
    It's no wonder @philippsalzborn called the Alps "mystic" after he took this shot—there's something magical about that rolling fog.

    Plan your trip: The Swiss Alps

    Photo by @philippsalzborn
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    Welcome to Smögen! Fresh seafood, charming restaurants, and markets aplenty.

    Plan your trip: Sweden

    Photo by @pointsandtravel
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    Dublin has a happening nightlife, but we were really charmed by this quiet city moment. 

    Plan your trip: Dublin

    Photo by @beluck.ie
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    Iceland has a wild side—and it's beautiful. 

    Plan your trip: Iceland

    Photo by @jeanina
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    Big Sur
    Big Sur is one of the most popular California weekend destinations. We can see why. 

    Plan your trip: Big Sur

    Photo by @amblinglens
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    Travel-grammer, @anneparavion, showed us how her love for culture and design takes her to far-flung places around the world. She snapped this pic in Udaipur, to which she said, "We underestimated both the heat index and the intensity of the crowds during our first visit to the City Palace in Udaipur."

    Plan your trip: Udaipur

    Photo by @anneparavion
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    Early mornings call for a good cuppa. Thanks to @sezgiolgac we started our day the right way, at a cafe in Alaçatı.

    Plan your trip: Turkey

    Photo by @sezgiolgac 
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Last Week’s Top 10 Travel Instagrams

With stops in Dublin, Moscow, and Smögen, it was a good week for travel pictures.