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    Last Week’s Top 10 Travel Instagrams
    This time, @afarmedia was all about the great outdoors (and a surprising amount of snow!) last week. For two days we took a vicarious trek around the world in the footsteps of AFAR Ambassador Dan Tom with his ethereal shots of mountain vistas from Norway to Argentina. We got outside the metropolis of Chicago to take a peek back at its skyline. We even chose to dine al fresco in Paris to enjoy the last few days of summer.

    Check out the rest of the top 10 posts from last week, and be sure to tag your favorite travel photos with #traveldeeper for a chance to be featured next week.

    Photo by @sezgiolgac
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    10. Abundance at the Mercado de Antigua
    Fresh fruit, artisanal textiles, and handicrafts: We can see why @lizcalka got a little lost in Guatemala’s Mercado de Antigua

    Plan your trip: Antigua Guatemala, Guatemala

    Photo by @lizcalka
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    9. Natural Frames at the Lincoln Park Zoo
    The Lincoln Park Zoo pavilion has many functions—it’s an outdoor classroom, yoga studio, event space, and walkway (among other things). Our favorite? Providing the coolest natural frame for that iconic Chicago skyline.

    Plan your trip: Chicago, Illinois

    Photo by @its_rohan_suri
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    8. Paris at Dusk
    Few cities are as pretty as Paris at dusk, especially when you're in one of its swankiest neighborhoods.

    Plan your trip: Where the Locals Eat in Paris

    Photo by @elieyobeid
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    7. The Lofoten Islands Dusted in Snow
    AFAR ambassador and Bay Area creative Dan Tom’s feed is filled with dreamy landscapes, from countries both near and far. This shot was taken at the tail end of winter while exploring the roads of Norway’s Lofoten Islands, one of the most memorable places he’s been.

    Plan your trip: Get off the Grid in the Lofoten Islands

    Photo by @dantom
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    6. Breathtaking Treks in Torres del Paine
    AFAR Ambassador Dan Tom has been on several treks throughout his travels, but the most beautiful one he’s experienced was the four-day “W Trek” in Torres del Paine, which includes this iconic view of the area: Los Torres (the Towers).

    Plan your trip: Trekking through Torres del Paine, Chile

    Photo by @dantom
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    5. Winter Colors at Lake Çıldır
    At Lake Çıldır near the border of Turkey and Georgia, wintertime is made dreamier by colorful carriage rides across the water’s frozen surface.

    Plan your trip: Eastern Turkey

    Photo by @sezgiolgac
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    4. Living on Preikestolen’s Edge
    This is one of Dan Tom’s favorite views in all of Norway. It took him two hours to hike to the top of Preikestolen, but clearly, the view was worth the time.

    Plan your trip: Forsand, Norway

    Photo by @dantom
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    3. Mountain Roads On the Way to El Chaltén
    Dan Tom describes the scenery on the road to Argentina’s El Chaltén as unreal. It’s filled with “need to pull off on the side of the road” moments, like this one.

    Plan your trip: El Chaltén, Argentina

    Photo by @dantom
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    2. Salar de Uyuni's Friendly Llamas
    According to Dan Tom, visiting Bolivia is a truly unique experience. The country’s colors are vibrant and the atmosphere welcoming, and if you're lucky, you'll find yourself being greeted by llamas every morning.

    Plan your trip: Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia

    Photo by @dantom
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    1. That Golden Hour in Big Sur
    Big Sur is only a three-hour drive from San Francisco, but Dan Tom says there are views like this aplenty. See more from Tom and learn about how he finds these gorgeous vistas with our Instagrammer profile.

    Plan your trip: Big Sur, California

    Photo by @dantom
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Last Week’s Top 10 Travel Instagrams

The final week of summer has the #traveldeeper community thinking (surprisingly) of snow.