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    AFAR’s Art Director in Marfa
    This week, our Team AFAR Spotlight focuses on art director Jason Seldon’s picturesque trip to Marfa, Texas. There might only be 2,000 full-time residents, but for lovers of art, design, and anything kitsch, this small southern town is a must. 

    Scroll through to see the highlights of @jseldon11’s adventures, and be sure to follow @afarmedia for your daily dose of travel inspiration.
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    Grocery Gallery
    “This town is an Instagrammer’s dream and every street welcomes you with a surprise. I found this adorable art gallery as I was walking to the nearby Hotel Saint George for an afternoon beer.” 

    Photo by @jseldon11
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    “Loved this bookstore at the @marfasaintgeorge.”

    Photo by @jseldon11
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    Donald Judd
    “Marfa has an amazing artist community, which was pioneered by the founder of the Chinati Foundation, Donald Judd. The four-hour guided tour took us to some of his most important, site-specific work, and you’ll also stumble across some major artwork by artist like John Chamberlain and Dan Flavin.”

    Photo by @jseldon11
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    Art Everywhere
    “There’s art everywhere in Marfa, and Ballroom is an incredible space near the center of town.”

    Photo by @jseldon11
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    El Cosmico
    “Set just minutes away from downtown, El Cosmico is where you go to hang in a hammock, drink rosé, read a book by your favorite author, and watch the sunset. And when you get tired of looking at the stars, do as I did and dance with your friends to Fleetwood Mac inside your trailer.”

    Photo by @jseldon11
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    From the Outside
    “Our trailer at El Cosmico. I mean...”

    Photo by @jseldon11
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    Chinati Foundation
    “Couldn’t get enough of the Chinati Foundation on our last day in town.”

    Photo by @jseldon11
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    Topo Chico
    “The heat in Marfa is harsh, so staying cool is imperative. Nothing beats the dry Texas heat like Helados coconut popsicles and many bottles of ice-cold Topo-Chico!”

    Photo by @jseldon11
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