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    Having it All
    Choosing an international travel destination that works for the whole family can be difficult, especially when you have a toddler. But AFAR editor in chief Julia Cosgrove handled it like a pro on a recent trip to Switzerland and Denmark. The two countries are chock-full of museums, gardens, and endless activities for families . . . so, of course, she fantasized about moving there. Don't leave us, Julia! 

    Photo by Julia Cosgrove
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    Family Fun
    "Whenever I travel to a new place, I ask myself, 'Could I live here?' On a recent trip with my husband and daughter (her first international trip!), the answer was an emphatic yes. Both countries prize work-life balance, beautiful outdoor speaces, top-notch cultural institutions, and family time."

    Photo by Julia Cosgrove
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    To the top
    "In Lucerne, we rode an aerial tram to the top of Mount Pilatus for views straight out of Heidi." 

    Photo by Jeffery Cross
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    "Just over the German border from Basel, we took in the Alexander Girard exhibit at the Vitra Design Museum."

    Photo by Julia Cosgrove
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    Play Time
    This large park in Münchenstein has everything from playgrounds to kid-friendly sculptures like this one of a pegasus.

    Photo by Jeffery Cross
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    Afternoon at the Museum
    The city of Copenhagen and the state of Louisiana are about 5,000 miles away from each other, but this Danish museum shares the state's name. The Louisiana Museum of Modern Art has nothing to do with the U.S. state—it's a reference to the former Master of the Royal Hunt's three wives, all of whom were named Louise. 

    Photo by Julia Cosgrove
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    Making Friends
    What a young, fearless traveler!

    Photo by Jeffery Cross
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    That's amore
    "We devoured perfectly fired pizza in minutes at Bæst. It was worth all the hype and the hordes of beautiful hipsters."

    Photo by Julia Cosgrove
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    Train Travel
    Patiently waiting at the Basel train station for a ride to Switzerland. 

    Photo by Jeffery Cross
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    Young at Heart
    "On our last day, we joined our Danish friends at Tivoli Gardens, the theme park that inspired Walt Disney. As our daughter and friends watched from below, my husband and I rode the 262-foot-tall Star Flyer. Soaring high in the sky, we pretended we were kids again."

    Photo by Julia Cosgrove
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