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    Tour of Trinidad and Tobago

    Clear Caribbean waters, jungle waterfalls, and afternoon cookouts on the beach—what more could we possibly ask for?

    Writer and #traveldeeper regular Nick Pachelli (@pachells) and photographer Emma McAlary (@emcalary) took over @afarmedia’s Instagram feed to share highlights of their recent journey to Trinidad and Tobago. If you missed their takeover, no worries! Take a scroll through this slideshow to follow along as Pachelli guides us through moments from their trip—plus, a few bonus behind-the-scene pics.

    Photo by @emcalary

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    Rio Seco
    “The island of Trinidad originally broke off from the South American continent, so it has much more of a jungle feel to it than its sister island, Tobago. This means there are more waterfalls than you can count. This is Rio Seco waterfall, and yes, you can jump from the top!”

    Photo by @emcalary
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    Chaguanas market
    “Welcome to Chaguanas market in Port of Spain. When it comes to local produce, this is where it’s at. You’ll find purple avocados, mammee apples, scorpion peppers, and so much more.”

    Photo by @emcalary
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    Trinidadians love their spice!
    “Trinidadians love their spice! The East Indian influence is in full force at the island’s many outdoor markets, but everyone uses one particular local pepper for their sauces: the scorpion pepper. Up until a few years ago, it was the hottest pepper in the world.”

    Photo by @emcalary
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    Turtle Love
    “When leatherback sea turtle eggs hatch in Grande Riviere, Trinidad, locals collect the babies and put them in enclosed areas to keep them safe from predators. Later that same day, at sunset, it’s time to let the little guys and gals go into the big blue. Just keep swimming—we believe in you!”

    Photo by @pachells
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    Fish on!
    “As we motored out to the quiet beaches of Tobago, we tied some lines to the back of the boat and caught some fish.”

    Photo by @emcalary
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    Beach cookout
    “After we caught a few fish, we retreated to a secluded cove for an afternoon fish cookout. Nothing goes quite as well with a spicy, scorpion pepper sauce as a fresh-caught grilled fish.”

    Photo by @pachells
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    Bottoms up!
    “Rum punch and pineapple in the shallow waters off Pigeon Point in Tobago is what beach dreams are made of—and a great way to wind down at the end of a relaxing Caribbean day.”

    Photo by @pachells
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    Fountain of youth
    “In Tobago, you may hear rumors of the fountain of youth. Well, this is it and you can’t leave the area without visiting. It’s called the Nylon Pool, and it’s a shallow sandbar off the coast with some of the clearest water in the Caribbean.”

    Photo by @emcalary
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    Photo by @pachells

An Instagram Tour of Trinidad and Tobago

Join writer and photographer duo, Nick Pachelli and Emma McAlary, in the southern Caribbean.