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    How to Get Around
    Be it through a bustling city or to a sparsley populated countryside, buses help us get around throughout the world. But these multipassenger vehicles can vary greatly in style.

    Here, eight colorful versions of one of the world’s favorite ways to ride.

    Courtesy of F. Jack Jackson/Alamy
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    London has long been known for its double-decker buses. Although this 1952 coach lacks an upper level, it makes up for it by maintaining the iconic red hue.  

    Courtesy of F. Jack Jackson/Alamy
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    Small yellow school buses are found all around Australia.

    Courtesy of imageBROKER/Alamy
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    This VIP bus in Iran took its passengers to Shiraz.

    Courtesy of reibai/FLICKR 
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    A bus in Argentina, traveling between Humahuaca and Iruya.

    Courtesy of Prisma Bildagentur/Alamy
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    In India, it's common for drivers to decorate their buses with wallpaper, flowers, and even shrines. 

    Photo by Dan Eckstein

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    New Orleans
    Okay, we know these historic streetcars aren't technically buses. But they've been an integral part of New Orleans transportation since the mid-19th century, which makes them more than deserving enough for a spot on the list. Here, a red line tram on Canal Street.

    Photo by Prayitno/FLICKR
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    This simple bus in Japan takes skiers from the city of Sapporo to the slopes of Niseko.

    Photo by Raymond Patrick
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    Hong Kong
    Multicolored double-decker buses are a staple on the streets of Hong Kong.

    Photo by Grant Hollingworth/FLICKR

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8 Colorful Buses From Around the World

From double-deckers to school buses, no two are the same.