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    Los Angeles, 1939-1975
    Was it the film they used back then? Or was Los Angeles a little more vibrant in the 20th century than the rest of the world? No matter what it was, these photos give us a glimpse of life in the land of seemingly eternal summer.

    Courtesy of National Archives
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    Beach Reads, 1939
    Black and white and re(a)d all over: Santa Monica 1939.

    Photo by Chris Warren/Flickr
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    Tram to the Beach
    The iconic Red Car tram was the way for Angelenos to get around in the first half of the century, until it was dismantled in 1961. This streetcar is crossing Fletcher Drive in Atwater Village during the early 1950s.

    Photo by Atwater Village Newbie/Flickr
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    Car Wash
    In a city famous for its traffic, there was no shortage of cars—even in the mid-1950s. This car wash in Highland Park kept those automobiles shiny. 

    Photo by Allen/Flickr
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    Midcentury Interiors

    The lobby of this downtown Los Angeles hotel is the picture of midcentury modern chic. 

    Courtesy of 1950sUnlimited/Flickr

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    Poolside Lounging
    A poolside shot of the Cavalier Hotel in Westwood, from the mid-1950s. 

    Courtesy of 1950sUnlimited/Flickr
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    The Suburbs
    Throughout the 20th century, metropolitan Los Angeles was famously called a collection of suburbs in search of a city. Here, a common front-yard scene from 1969.

    Photo by Kent Klanouse/Flickr
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    California Poppies
    The poppy became California’s state flower in 1903, and it’s easy to see why. During summer, the hills of the Golden State become blanketed in these vibrant blossoms. And with this view of the Pacific in the background? Quintessential SoCal. Photo from 1975.

    Courtesy of National Archives
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    Beach Day
    The perfect Orange County beach day in 1975.

    Courtesy of National Archives
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    Space Mountain

    Since its opening in 1955, Disneyland has been an integral part of Southern California culture; its first year drew over 1 million visitors. Nowadays, that number is closer to 19 million annually. This photo from 1975 captures the day the Space Mountain attraction opened in Tomorrowland.

    Photo by Tom Simpson/Flickr 

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    Getty Villa
    Of course, there was more to Los Angeles culture than theme parks. The Getty Villa opened in Malibu in 1974 and was modeled after a lavish Roman temple that was unearthed in Italy in the 1700s. Photo from 1986.

    Photo by Kent Klanouse/Flickr
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