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    Old-School Cruise Ship Glamour
    Back when the pace of daily life was slower and flights weren’t an option, people traveled by ship when they wanted to get away. While cruise ships are as popular as ever, the glamorous journey by sea doesn’t really exist anymore (although a few companies, including Cunard, are trying to revive the golden era). Most cruises have traded glamour for endless onboard activities—today, some ships even have planetariums, skydiving simulators, and water parks. Here are 10 vintage photos of travel by ship that may make you consider booking a trip on Cunard’s Queen Mary 2.

    Photo by Robert John Welch/Wikimedia
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    Bon Voyage, 1920s
    Actress Betty Blythe waved good-bye as her ship pulled away from the dock. 

    Courtesy of Library of Congress
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    Lounging in Style, 1912
    This first-class lounge on the Olympic was modeled after the Palace of Versailles. This transatlantic ship was the largest ocean liner in the world from 1911 to 1934. 

    Photo by Robert John Welch/Wikimedia
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    Dinner Time, 1962
    That’s quite a cart of food in a dining room on the Homeric, a luxury ocean liner that made stops throughout the North Atlantic.

    Photo by 1950sUnlimited/Flickr
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    Setting Sail, 1912
    The Titanic left from its Southampton, England port on April 10, 1912, and struck an iceberg just four days later. 

    Courtesy of Wikimedia
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    Gather Round, 1966
    This Swedish family had a small birthday party in first class on a transatlantic crossing. 

    Courtesy of Southerly Clubs
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    On the Court, 1922
    Badminton was one of the many activities available to cruisers while on board. We can’t  tell who’s winning this game on the deck of a European cruise ship.  

    Courtesy of Library of Congress
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    Hollywood Glamour, 1925
    Actress Greta Garbo and film director Mauritz Stiller posed for a photo on the deck of the SS Drottningholm, which traveled between Sweden and the United States.

    Photo by Jimmy Siledo/Wikimedia
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    Cruising the Caribbean, 1975
    The Bolero traveled from Miami to the Caribbean islands of Cozumel, Montego Bay, and Port Au Prince

    Courtesy of Florida Keys Public Library
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    Rest Your Head, 1938
    The Mauretania was the largest ship of its kind in England. The ocean liner traveled between London and New York and offered first-class cabins, like this one, to wealthy passengers. 

    Photo by JamesGardinerCollection/Flickr
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    Ship Beautiful, 1911
    Considered one of the most attractive ships of its time, the Aquitania was nicknamed the “Ship Beautiful.” The beauty of this first-class dining area is proof that the ship rightfully earned the title.

    Courtesy of Wikimedia
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