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The Best Churros con Chocolate in Madrid

The staff of Madrid's Chocolatería San Ginés might be a bit brisk, but they more than make up for it in taste and atmosphere. Over a century old, take a few turns off the main "calle" and follow the pink neon sign to the small elegant interior. You'll be rewarded with a steaming cup of drinking/dipping chocolate and perfectly crisp-yet-delicate churros.

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Seriously, one of the best reasons to be up at 1 AM in Madrid!

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Brisk, because business is brisk; brisk, because they are efficient; brisk and good-natured and glad to have work in one of the most dire economies in Europe. Bravo, San Ginés!

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Jauna, just to clarify, my intent in posting this highlight was to compliment San Ginés for being so amazing and to encourage others to go there as well. Commenting about the brisk nature of the staff was never meant to be a blanket statement that analyzes their character or certainly the economy of the entire country, but It's hard to avoid this aspect when you go in there. They are in fact brisk, and perhaps even rude. Understand that the part of the world where I come from, economic times are hard here too, as they are virtually every place on the planet, and I'm still never met with anything but hospitality in my hometown's restaurants. I'm glad to know that my patronage is appreciated. It's frustrating when a person uploads a highlight to this fantastic internet community that AFAR has built for us, only to have others pop in with comments that could be misconstrued as condescending the original poster. And if you didn't mean it in that way, that's great, but please understand way that things can come across. Just enjoy the photos and the highlights and let's keep this place positive so that fellow travel enthusiasts will never be discouraged to post their travel highlights in fear of them being demeaned by others!

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Churros and chocolate, anyone? Absolutely seems delicious


Chocolatería San Ginés

Pasadizo San Ginés
5, Madrid, Spain
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